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If one front wheel slips due to lack of traction due to a bit of ice or even a rain puddle, the stability and traction lights will go on, but the engine is also killed. Good thing Chevy lets us switch this dang thing off. We just got an icy rain, and the road friction is not constant for both front wheels, nature never is.

When this happens, the guy in the back of you if he doesn't rear end you first, will give you the finger, or maybe will even shoot you. But after this condition is over and the front wheels are traveling at the same speed, those lights should go off.

Wonder who came up with this stupid idea?

If it comes on and stays on on dry pavement, other problems. I found two with my 2012 2LT with a manual transmission. The ignition relay in the underhood fuse/relay box had dirty contacts. This relay fires up just about all the computers, and with dirty contacts, does not give a proper reset.

First I cleaned the contacts, then replaced it with a good Panasonic relay.

But this was not all, the negative battery cable that was inserted in the battery terminal was bare copper wire that corroded causing a high resistant connection. If they dipped this in a solder pot first, would have not been a problem. So I soldered it in.

This erratic connection was also causing computer problems, they need a very clean voltage to operate on. The alternator voltage was also jumping all over the place, doesn't have a good reference voltage with dirty connections. While I was at it, check all the relays and connections.

Was also out of warranty, ha, wouldn't dare take it to my dealer, they don't know the difference between a resistor or a doorknob. But they sure know how to charge.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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