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I have been with the forum for 3+ years. Now I have lost my password, I have my email address. Is it

possible to retrieve my old password? I have the old passwork as 9 character word with only letters and

numbers. I have registered a new account and when I was setting up the password, the site required a 10

character with capital letter, number, and symbol. I think this is the reason my old identity dose not

work out here.



Also, I have a 2012 cruze eco, when I first put my key into the slot, my key will go through position A,

stopping the engine; position B, accessory, C on/run, and D start. If I do not go to D and stay on C

(on/run) then my seat belt light and check engine light stay on. If I put the seat belt in, then the seat

belt light will go off. However, my check engine light will stay on if my key is in C (on/run) position.

Is it normal? if I briefly go to position D, start my car and drive the car, then the check engine light

goes off.

Summary, the check engine light stays when the key is in position C (on/run), the check engine light goes

off, if start the car through position D

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What was your old username? Email me at [email protected] and I'll see what I can do to get you a password reset email on your old username. After that works I'll merge this one into the first one.

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