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2012 Cruz bought used 12/12 at 28000 mi, now 47000 mi. Engine light came on today. Has done so 2x but resolved fixing gas cap. Oil and coolent levels good, has regular maintenance. The hood of the car is hot and engine feels too hot to touch. Iit was 90 degrees today.

Problem 2, had rt rear tire changed and now brake squeaks! Going to dealership in AM. Any ideas what I should know when talking to mechanic?

I am going out of town and am worried. I did not get extended warranty.

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Check engine light is related to one or more of the many sensors related to engine controls.

As long as the temp gauge wasn't buried in the red zone, coolant temperature was not the concern.

The dealer will scan the computer for codes to determine what the car is trying to alert you to.

Can't think of any real relationship between tire replace and brake noise.


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Hi psumner1

Please let me know how your dealership visit went and if I can be of any assistance to you. Please send me a private message if you need assistance.

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