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Hey there everyone! Hopefully I am posting in the correct area - if not my apologies first time on the site.

I am getting the P0171 code - this happened 2 years ago when my 2012 Cruze was still under warranty, dealer replaced the 02 sensors. Light went off. Now 2 years later I am getting same code, Oriellys guy who owned same year as mine suggested waiting a few days of driving and seeing if it stays on due to our weird weather change we were having (AZ) it was much colder last week then normal when it came on and rainy. What he stated was true at first, it went off in 2 days time of back and forth to work. Now it is back on, same code and no other codes being thrown. I have read up on many P0171 possible issues from sensors to fuel system issues, I wanted to come on here before I go further into attempting to replace anything.
It has been running slightly rougher at idle, oil changed recently no gas cap issues. Only at stop lights idle when at proper running temp does it idle rougher, I know that is vague and its not weirdly rough just slightly harder idle feel.
Nothing else has been wrong with the Cruze for over a year just normal maintenance.
My questions is since you all own or know about my vehicle, what is your suggestion to start with, 02 sensors again, mass air flow sensor, or something else?

Thank you for any assistance!
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