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Having the right tools is vital to properly servicing your Cruze Diesel.
That is why IDParts carries a wide variety of specialty tools which
can make tricky tasks much easier! Check out our selection of the
most requested tools below!

Don't get stuck mid-belt change because you don't have the right
Timing Belt Tool for your Cruze Diesel! Having the right tool allows you to properly time the
cylinder head and crankshaft, ensuring a smooth running engine once you
get the new belt on!

Cartridge filters are often installed in housings with plastic tops which get
damaged when using a generic wrench or vice grips. Our oil filter wrenches
open the plastic tops without causing damage. These affordable filter wrenches
come in all the diesel models that use cartridge filters.

Check our our full line up of EXtoil brand fluid handling tools.
We have universal tools such as oil extractors, as well as more unique options
like their Brake Bleeding Wrench & Bottle Kit. This kit includes an innovative
custom wrench for the bleeder valve along with tubing, an inline one-way valve,
and a catch bottle with hanger.

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