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Hello All,
Is my first time on this forum, and I like it, is more active than the one from my country (Romania)
I bought in 2009 a Chevrolet Cruze,(mine was made in Korea).
The car have a long time a lot of problems, I just mention here for quick reference (what I remember)
Car has some around 110.000Km
- steering wheel replaced
- dashboard computer replaced (all unit with speed, mileage indicator...) at cold winter
- sun glasses support replaced (hot climate melt spring clip)
- trunk switch replaced
- front dampers replaced (right one is making noise)
- left ABS sensor replaced (i think the connector was the problem, but probably they replace it)
- at third year I replace all lights bulb
- one gearbox shaft seal replaced
- Check engine light was on from 10.000km and pulsating on and of until 85.000km ... and they do not service my car ... they said LPG is the problem for the engine light. I buy myself a tester and fond something like "Crankshaft position not correlated with camshaft" I go back to service to replace both camshaft gear for VVT distribution, the air intake one is malfunctioning from 10.000km... and I replace both at 85.000Km (when i have my personal tester) ... they should done it on warranty ... but you now LPG is the fault for a stupid client without a tester.
- I service my self the led stop lamp ... some diode broke and do not power anymore the led's.
- replace myself rear springs ... one have broken ... they inflate on service one of my tire with 3bars instead the other one have 2bars.
- service myself the connector of right ABS front sensor (dashboard light came on)

I think this are all (to many to remember everithing)... if I have not customized my car, probably I have sell it

Right now I have this issue with engine stopping at cold and reduced power sometime. Problem is old from two years now, and try to solve it, hope i will manage now, some help from you will be good, service say LPG is the problem ...
I try this
- replace Lambda sensor,
- check catalytic converter from clogging, exhaust flexible joint that is before lambda 2
- check engine software to be the last
- I check different small things, i don't what to mention all just to leave suggestion to you
Right now I programmed my car to Monday for service ... but I expect to not solve it quick ... because they don't know what is the problem until now ... you now I've been to both dealers in my town, and no one mention regarding changing my distribution gears on engine , even I replace the distribution, and seal of the camshaft for leaking oil ... I don't want to mention all ... I just prefer to service if possible myself the car... when things get complicated, they just take a lot of money and replace parts that is really not need to be replaced...

I have some idea about what they should check on Monday, i don't want to share to give you ideas, I wont to come from you.
Any ideas about what can be the problem?

Thank you all

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Let-s mention some extras ...
- engine is 1.6l gasoline
- after an ECU injection trim reset , everything works good but it deteriorates... something is screwing the injection trim diagram in a random way... almost all time engine is stopping several times after start, and have low power, except 1,2 times after reset, and random in driving engine is working perfect or start to deteriorate, power and mileage go up 50% more gasoline is consumed
- testing was done only with gasoline (no LPG)
- if you go in town, the only problem is cold start, if you go highway sometime suddenly engine start to lose easy power, that I try different maneuver to not stop, like changing gear pushing engine speed above 4000-5000rpm,...
- no check engine light, no error stored ... except one "clutch pedal not programed" as I see it reaper from time to time.

With this crap cars GM have retrieved selling of Chevrolet in Europe ... for sure I will not buy any GM cars from now on .... Europe second hand cars are more good than what GM is selling..

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After 6 days of investigation the dealer find that the cylinder head should be removed and valve disassembled and cleaned.
Valves close with delay, because they're tail does not have enough slip in they're bushing ... so it needs clean. This happens most on cold start because valves heat first so dilatation increase friction.
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