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Chevrolet Cruze 1.6 109 hp smoke problem

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Hello, guys! I own Chevy Cruze J300 1.6 109 hp, one of the first produced. For several months I have a problem at ignition. When starting the car, there is a white-grey smoke coming from the exhaust for approximately 1 min, then stops smoking at all. That's primarily when I start it cold. But it is not only the smoke, the RPMs are wobbling up and down and the car has got no power when pressing the accelerator. In the past several months I changed spark plugs, cables, the two catalyst sensors and after that, the check engine light is off, the diagnostics shows no errors.

I will be happy, if someone can help me.

PS. I forgot to tell that the car has got an LPG system, but it works fine.
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First, I am not a mechanic, and more than that, I sure don't know how LPG fuel systems work. So, the following may be far off the mark.

Can someone sniff this exhaust? Does it smell like antifreeze or does it smell like rich fuel?

If antifreeze, consider where the leak might be. Head gasket problem? Coolant system pressure check. Is there oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil? Pull the spark plugs & inspect the chamber if you have a camera. Is one cleaner than the others? Etc.

If fuel, is there a pressure reducer valve somewhere that might be leaking up when the car is shut off? Check pressures when the car is shut off & compare with specs.

Is this a throttle-by-wire car? Maybe the throttle plate is getting stuck - clean it with throttle body cleaner and swabs if it's sticking. Or/and, check the idle air control valve for stuck condition, if equipped.

Good luck, let us know if/when you solve it!
Hi, thank you for the comment. Yesterday i went to the official dealer service and it turns out the problem may be in the gasoline injectors. I'll share the progress of the situation, when i have more details. Thank you again.
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I was advised by the mechanics to drive 100-200 kilometers with that injectors cleaner, and if there is no good, they'll get off and clear the injectors. Otherwise, my thermostat is leaking, despite being changed month ago, but, well, bad mechanics, i guess. That's so far.
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