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Hi everybody,

I am just curious if someone can tell me some experience with these two engines? I tried to find some information about 2.0 vcdi 163 but I cant find any test or anything. I know this is US forum, so propably nobody will have experience .... I just trying it.

Does anybody own the car with this engine and can tell me his or her experiences? I will be pleased for any information. (noise, speed, acceleration, gear, fuel consumption .... simply anything :))) )

In the end I will say that I ordered 2.0 vcdi 163 yesterday but I spoke with dealer that I will maybe change this to 1.8 ecotec.

If somebody can compare these 2 engines I will be very pleased. (on paper diesel looks really great, but unfortunatelly I wasnt able to drive it because no dealers have it:-( I drove only 1.8 ecotec).

Difference in money is only 1500 EUR which is not a lot for diesel.

thanks in advance for any response and sorry for my poor english :-D
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