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this might help.... its from the other Cruze forum....

Hi All
I have improved the Cruze LS (or L) display on my UK car.
The car and radio must be off and key out of ignition!!!!!!!!!!!
You have to remove the information display after removing the radio controls and facia surrounds. Once you have the display assembly removed, unclip the power connector (I had to use a screw driver to unclip the lower side as it was tight).
Take off the rear cover of the display showing the PCB. Use a small screw driver to unclip the PCB VERY CAREFULLY!.
Lift up the PCB / flip it over being careful with the thin strip connector (looks like foil) DO NOT REMOVE THIS CONECTOR FROM THE PCB
Remove the white plastic moulding under the PCB. I had to use a small screw driver to lift out the top right side past as it had a good fit on the locating post.
Lift the white moulding out and you will see a thin white diffuser / film on the back of the LCD / display. Take the diffuser out and re-assemble the display being careful to ensure the LCD / display is located correctly in the front case. Mine kept lifting as the PCB tried to lift it up by the connecting strip.
Plug back in and re-assemble the car radio and facia.
source 1 : Cruze LS dim display fix/mod

Hi All
It improved the display slightly but now have worked out why the display is so dim especially in bright sun light. Chevrolet made a simple mistake with the LCD display. They have placed the display at the wrong viewing angle. If you notice the display does not have a glass / plastic screen over it.
I tilted the display back by 10 degrees and now it can be seen from the driver seat even in bright sun light (yes we do get bright sun shine in the UK). Even put sun glasses on and I can still see display clearly. Seems Chevrolet messed up and fitted a cheap display with a bad viewing angle.
I removed the display and surround, unclipped the 2 top clips and rested them back in position (resting against the top of the display module) with the display now at an angle and not vertical (angled back). I glued the top to secure it with a hot melt glue gun and re-installed the display. Not the best but much better as now I can actually read the radio stations / CD track numbers

source 2 : CRUZE dim display on LS modification that works...a bit
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