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Well its been two months since my 2014 Cruze Diesel has been in the shop. I am still fighting with GM. All I want is them to start telling me the truth about the part. Its the separator that went out on my car. It seems all they keep telling me that they will have a update on a future date. This has been happening ever since taking my car in for the repair. They can't just give me a direct answer on why the part is taking so long to ship. All one ask is why can't they just face the music and tell me what is going on? Tell me why its so hard to get the part. It seems that I am just talking to invisable people and no one wants to give a direct answer. Why can't they just say why the part is not available or why its being held up. All I can say I have lost all trust and respect for the GM brand. No wonder they went broke and had to help from us tax payers. They just don't care about their customers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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