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Chevrolet Cruze LTZ 2012 diesel transmission slipping when warm

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I have a situation where by as soon as the engine warms up transmission starts slipping and no drive. When this started I noticed oil leaks on the oil cooling pipes by the radiator cooler and figured transmission fluid was low, so I changed the inside filter and put new transmission fluid but problem persisted. No more oil leaks. Still no drive when engine warms up. Any idea what I'm dealing with? From cold start gears change perfectly then after 5 to 10kms driving it just revs no drive. Stop scan on diagnostic test everything passes. Start it up it moves 1 to 2 km and slips.. switch off and repeat it moves 1 to 2kms .
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This is somewhat common for the early "first generation" 6Txx transmissions. It sounds like the valve body needs replacement, but given the other trouble the early 6T40/45 had, a full rebuild is probably best.
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