I’m selling a brand-new genuine GM 16X4 donut wheel with a brand new Maxxis T115/70R16 tire. Maxxis is the only company that manufactures tires specifically for donut spares, and they’re made in America. I have exactly $299.00 in this product, that was full blown retail prices, not used, and I will accept offers.

If you are the owner of a 2016-2019 Chevrolet Cruze, Models L and LS, with either 15″ or 16″ wheels, do you know there’s no spare tire in your trunk? Specifically, a donut spare. Instead, your car came with a sealant/inflator kit. Manufacturers have been doing this for quite some time to eliminate weight and get better gas mileage. However, the sealant is designed to only work on smaller punctures, but anything large or on the side of the tire and you are screwed and stranded. Relying on this is, I’ll just say, definitely not good.

Chevrolet Cruze sales were as follows: In 2016, sales of 188,876, 2017, sales were 184,751, 2018, sales were 142,1617, and in 2019 sales 47,975. So, I bet there's a heck of a lot of Cruze owners driving without a spare, which is definitely not good, and definitely not safe at all.

Here I’ve done all the work for a buyer. I’ve made the phone calls to dealers to get info and parts numbers, ordered the wheel/tire, had them delivered, located a tire store (not all tire stores mount these spares which I thought was crazy) and had the tire mounted ($20 plus tax). Just put this in your car and go. Weight is 24 pounds with air. Diameter is 23″.

In 2015 Road and Track dot com published an article about how stupid and dangerous it is not to have a spare tire. Even if you don’t have a jack, and cannot change a flat tire, at least having a spare and AAA (or any roadside service), will be a lifesaver and get you back on the road fast.

Many sell donut spares on eBay, however, most come from junkyard cars. Can you trust or should you trust these tires? I wouldn’t, plus you really don’t know exactly what condition they’re in, or if they’ve been driven too long (or underinflated). The donut spares are only designed to go 50 or so miles and at low speeds.
The donut spare here is brand new, and you can have 100% confidence and faith in it. And that’s true piece of mind.