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Hi Folks, newbie here with some advice if possible for my Chevvy Cruze 1.6 LS petrol (UK)
Mileage - 34000
Just had MOT and full service and since then it has been chugging when accelerating in 2nd and 3rd gears and especially going uphill,no engine lights come on when it does this.
I have taken it to my local garage and they wired it up to the computer to check for any faults but none came up !:shocked:
the car idles with no problems and reaches maximum speed and maintains it although slight chugging at 70 mph.
so my question is :unsure: what could be the problem and where should I start to rectify it:unsure:

Cheers :th_salute:

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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

I'm just taking a SWAG, have you either replaced or re-gapped your spark plugs? Was it really hot then? What octane fuel do you use (not sure if you have a turbo or not)?

[h=2]Fix my Cruze!!![/h]
We want to help you fix your Cruze as quickly as possible. To do that, we need some basic information, such as:

1. Year, trim level, and transmission.
2. Miles on the car!!!
3. Check engine light, airbag, or other warning light on or "Service [insert system here]" message showing? Has somebody told you the code if the check engine light is on?
4. Approximate location of the issue.
5. As detailed a description of the problem as you can give. Something like "My 2012 Cruze Eco manual transmission with 50k miles on it is making a grinding noise from around the brake pedal at 12 mph every time I start the car, and doesn't do it again until I start the car again" is enough to let us get started. (Hint: I described the ABS self-check, and that check is normal for every Cruze on startup)
6. Country! Your warranty and repair options might be different in other countries than here in the United States or Canada.
7. (as needed): Left-hand drive or right-hand drive? If your car is right-hand drive, that's nice to know since a lot of us on this board have little experience with RHD cars.

Lastly, please be patient and polite! All the folks on this board are doing this in their spare time for free, so we might not be able to reply immediately.​

Remember to introduce yourself and your Cruze here.
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