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Chevy cruze 2012 coil pack issue!

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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum, I wanted to get some guidance on how to prevent my coil pack springs from bending left or right when I sit the boots down back onto the spark plugs. My 1st cylinder spring alway bends and it's causing a nasty misfire/blow out. I've tried everything to try to get it to sit into the spark correctly and nothing has worked, any advice?
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

There are a few threads that address the coil packs. Search for them using the search bar to the right or drill down to the Gen I engine section and browse. If I can, later I will try and find some.
Ah ok thank you I will try to dig those threads up!
Or simply look down to the bottom of this page where you can read 'Similar Threads'. Good luck and welcome!

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Unfortunately nothing in the threads I've looked at talk about my specific problem with the springs bending when I sit the coil pack onto the spark plugs and how to remedy this.
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