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Chevy Cruze aftermarket nav installation problem

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Hi so I searched through the forum but couldn't find any answers to my problem. I just recently bought an aftermarket touch screen navigation system for my 2012 cruze and I'm not sure if we're installing it correctly but everything works except for the sound. Here's the link to the kit I bought. Type in www before the link I can't post it yet.

Any help would be appreciated.
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The amp turn on is probably the least of the worries, unit most likely does have a remote turn on, the real problem is going to be getting all the other modules in the car to exist with this unit, unless they cloned a stock radio there is going to be a whole bunch of stuff that does not work, on-star voice, steering wheel controls, fan display--to mention a few, theft deterrent ain't going to be happy either and could lock out start etc. in short you will lose a lot of functionality at least and at worst BCM could have a meltdown and not start the car if this thing even touches the low speed LAN, which the original radio is connected to, they say "sorry no instructions" which translated means if you cannot make it cooperate with the car your SOL---I'd try and get my money back, I think aliexpress has a buyer protection policy now
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