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Pretty much yes.

It is obviously very possible. But the development time is just outrageous and not worth it.

If you have a background in automotive EE stuff then you could probably DIY it. A 3D printer and turnkey design company is all you need.

The problem is if you can do those sorts of things you are better off working in industry and then just buy your dream car.
Hey people; I wasn't active for a while; But look what I found!

So this is maybe a motivation for a LFX swap (at least) or a LF3 as in the thread!

And the Cruzen 2.0 is OK I think! Because these car platforms doesn't have much aftermarket for engine swaps right?

(And now I feel like a LS4 with a better intake or a supercharger or a 05 and up Northstar swap is better than RWD!) (If that's even possible)
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