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Still excellent. I very much enjoy them every day. @jblackburn can give you some impressions as well since he drove my car at Lordstown. Everything I've said about them still applies.
They corner relatively flat, and they ride a bit stiff going down the road at a normal clip. However, they then shrug off massive road imperfections like potholes and dips to the point where the car mostly just glides over them unphased. Most of what you hear is just tire impact noise. I was impressed - his car handled a rough section of road more smoothly than my brand-new Gen 2 Cruze or a 2017 Honda Accord (although he has larger sidewall tires than either of those cars as well). Chucking it into a sharp corner where roads meet at ~30 mph, there was no understeer or tire squealing - it just went where pointed. A normal Eco on the Goodyear tires and stock suspension would try to crash itself. The words "confidence inspiring" would appropriately describe his upgrades to the car.
1 - 1 of 169 Posts
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