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I can't disclose the price I paid for them, but as soon as they show up on the BNR website, I'll be able to let you know. Expect somewhere in the range of $600 for all 4, give or take.
I just noticed that these part number 35-171669, 35-171676, and 24-171687 have been added to the Rockauto catalog, but the items are listed notify me when available. I'm guessing these are made in Germany based on Extreme's boxes, and stock has not reached US warehouses yet.

I was a bit surprised to see Rockauto carrying performance part numbers for shocks. It will be interesting to see how competitive they might be for pricing.

Seems like a lot of updates in the catalog for suspension options. Since the first Cruze in North America is now 5-6 years old, it makes sense that these items are now being listed in the aftermarket.
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