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Chevy Cruze Diesel 2014

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Looking for some insight--2014 Diesel Cruze 120,000 miles

All maintenance completed at Chevy dealership
90% of miles are highway miles
Never any issues with vehicle except for "Bad Exhaust" indicator across the dash

The 1st time Bad Exhaust came across my dash in 2015 the dealership called a GM tech because they were unsure of what to do --were told to do a forced regen and that took care of the problem until now. November 26, 2018 car was towed to dealership "Exhaust Fluid Poor Quality" reduced miles---dealership said to get it to them and advised not to drive until you have zero miles. Paid close to $2000 for repairs which I assumed were addressing the "Bad Exhaust" problem. December 31, 2018 indicator comes across dash again--out of town for Holiday so I got as close to home as possible and then had it towed to dealership that just charged me for repairs. They had to consulted with a GM tech as to how to move forward with repairs--already did what the computer said to do--Tech said the problem was a result of continuous overfilling of oil and the repairs were estimated at $4200.00. These repairs were for the bad exhaust that I had just addressed in November.

Vehicle was at the dealership where I had purchased the Cruze and had any GM maintenance recommended done--everything is up to date and completed. They told me to take my car to the dealership that changed my oil because they were responsible for the damage caused by overfill of oil. My oil has only been changed at one dealership out of convenience--in my area of Ohio you have to get your oil changed at a dealership; make an appointment, takes about 2 hrs and runs about $100. Out of convenience, I have had my oil changed at the Chevy dealership near my kids school after drop off. After several days of running their own tests on the car.."doing me a favor" is what they stated--they concluded that there was no way to overfill the oil (not to pit one dealership against another) and they were able to do a regen and the indicator was no longer across my dash. My vehicle was towed back within a few days. I have been without out a vehicle for 2 months and now have a estimate from the dealership (that has always changed by oil for) about $4000.00---same parts as the 1st dealership gave me a list for to repair the overfilling of the oil damage.

I've been told my car is out of warranty at 120,000 miles so to sink more money into the "bad exhaust" repair with no guarantee is just sheer ignorance.

My question--has anyone else dealt with this problem or have advice? Appreciate any response..Thank You.

I have opened a case with Chevy Customer Care from the advise of the dealership which lead me to a district manager which has not been a positive experience. The lack of customer service is unbelievable. I am trying to make an informed decision of how to move forward and have resulted in an online forum for Chevy advice.

Thank You
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