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Chevy Cruze Diesel rated at 74.2 MPG in UK

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Of course that's imperial gallons but according to the article it translates to 50 MPG U.S. My math says more like 60 mpg since 1 US gallon is 0.83 Imperial gallons. The UK Cruze uses a 1.7L engine.

For the past year there has been plenty of speculation that GM would be bringing a diesel-powered Chevy Cruze to the U.S. market. The target date appears to be 2013, though there is an uncertainty when it comes to which diesel engine GM will opt for. In Austrailia, a 2.0 liter turbodiesel returns up to 49 mpg highway. But a new 1.7 liter diesel Cruze model in the UK delivers up to 72.4 Imperial MPG, which translates to about 50 mpg in the U.S.
Source: Gas 2.0