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Chevy Cruze Fiberglass Subwoofer Boxes/Enclosures

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Fiberglass subwoofer enclosures are finally here!

After a long delay, we are ready to start taking orders on fiberglass enclosures. These are built solid as a rock out of thick fiberglass by hand here in the USA. Nope, this isn't some Chinese crap. This is quality American craftsmanship, with great attention to detail, precision routing, and pride in workmanship.

Internal Volume: ~0.7 cubic feet
Maximum mounting depth: 6-3/4"
Subwoofer diameter: 8"-12"


Each enclosure can be routed to the specifications of your subwoofer's cutout diameter.

Enclosures come in two finishes; either carpeted to match the trunk of your Cruze as shown in this 10" enclosure:

Or painted as shown in this 12" enclosure:

Carpeted: $225 + $30 shipping
Painted: $375 + $30 shipping

How do I place an order?
Send me a private message with the following information:
1. Subwoofer you intend to use
2. Carpeted or painted
3. E-mail address and phone number
4. Mailing address

Be advised, not all subwoofers sound good in 0.7 cubic feet of internal space regardless of what the manufacturers may claim. I'd be more than happy to model any subwoofer you'd like in this airspace to give you an idea of whether or not it will sound good free of charge. I can also recommend specific subwoofers if you don't already have one in mind. If you want to buy an enclosure with a sub already loaded, we can get brands like Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, Pioneer and others at wholesale prices. Just let me know and I can give you some options.

Refer to the first post in the following thread for any available deals on subwoofers:

Please note that pricing can change at any time.
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Andrei... that looks very nice.

Can i ask what kind of 12' SQ subs would fit the enclosure in terms of mounting depth and sounding good... ID, TC, Morel etc.?

You'll be looking for a low Qts in the T/S parameters. Very low in fact. In 0.7 cubic feet, I'm talking down to low 0.3x range, and into the the 0.2x range. This will require high motor strength and low moving mass as well as a light suspension.

Expect to spend a pretty penny and compromise some bottom end extension with a 12". Fiberglass fill may be required. The IDQ12 V3 would work here, but just barely. The IDQ12 V2 would be better. The IDQ10 V2 (not the V3) would be perfect. I happen to have one for sale.

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Looks like IDQ would be the good and cheap solution, especially with the V2.

I saw the IDQ V2 specs with just one sub the output would be much lower than what i have now... is there any other SQ subs in market above 500 RMS which would work in that space or something like 2 enclosure left and right would be a option?

The IDQ10's which i have now is awesome but i miss the trunk space and with the family expanding i might jump on this soon.
It's Hoffman's iron law. If you want bass,


You're looking at going from 2.2 cubic feet and 798 square cm of cone area to 0.7 cubic feet and 480-560 square cm of cone area with a 12" and 330-39 square cm of cone area with a 10". Naturally, you're going to sacrifice output.

This enclosure only works on the driver's side.

The TC sounds Epic 10 may also work very well here. I'll have to model it to know for sure. The IDMax10 would work as well if the mounting depth clears. I'd have to check on that. If it would fit, it would be by far the best option for highest output in smallest amount of space.

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Andrei, might I suggest a list of 4-5 suggestions for both a 12" and 10" sub added to the original post to give people an easy reference/shopping list?

Maybe do a two for each, one set for SPL subs[10 & 12], one set for SQ subs. Or am I correct for thinking that using an SPL sub in this enclosure would be beyond a waste of money?
The IDMax10 is the only SPL sub I know of that would be remotely suitable for this enclosure. I'll see what I can come up with though.

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Do you have some 8" suggestions? Its been a while since I had a sub and the last one I had (and loved) was the Alpine Type R.
Depends on your budget and listening preferences. The range of 8" subs that would work is pretty large.

Andrei... To fit IDMax does the cu.ft increases or still at .7?

just found out it will work from .6. (

The manufacturer says it will work in as little as 0.6 cubic feet but I personally would go as close to 0.9 as possible. I have that manual stored on my computer. The volume will remain at 0.7 cubic feet but it might go up a bit due to the larger mounting depth. Fiberglass fill will be added to make the box "sound" larger. You'll be happy with it.

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Sounds good... Just wanted to make sure it will be more musical and not boomy.
I wouldn't recommend something that would sound boomy.

As it is, the IDMax10 sounds a bit too thick in the low end in the Cruze trunk. I think 0.7 cubic feet with some fiberglass will sound very, very nice.
JL10W3v3 would rock this enclosure but it's a pricey sub, $220-260ish price range.
They only need .625 cubic feet are 150-500 watts, sounds good at low and high wattage. Only single voice coil option of 2 & 4. Oh and under 6" mounting depth. I know JL's are not everyone's 1st choice but I'm sure these will make tons of noise in that little box. My two cents.

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It works well in this box, I will give it that, but I want to be clear on why it's not my first choice.

At $200 (amazon), it is very low on my list of recommended subs due to price. You pay a lot and get very little. The TC Sounds Epic 10 is not only a far more powerful sub, but is also a far better sounding sub. Compared to the JL10W3, it has:

- a much stronger motor (and visibly larger)
- a lower moving mass
- a higher peak handling capacity (re: higher mechanical excursion at 2" peak to peak)
- a significantly higher linear excursion (compare 14mm to 18.1mm)
- a cast aluminum frame instead a cheap stamped steel frame
- a shorting ring (re: better sound quality via lower distortion)
- higher efficiency at the same impedance (due to the much stronger motor and lower moving mass)

All this, and it costs $12 less to boot. The JL 10W3 isn't even in the same league as the TC Epic 10.

That's what you trade when you go with a big brand name like JL Audio, and that's why nobody here has ever seen me recommend them. They are not bad subs so to speak, but they are a horrible value. In the years I've spent in car audio, I've never seen an exception to that statement. I'd love to say there's something special about them, but there isn't. They plaster marketing jargon all over the site. "Patent this, patent that, we are the greatest." They are simply the most heavily marketed. There is always something that sounds better, hits harder, is built better, and is cheaper for the same price.

Now that's a comparison at the $200 price point. Move into the $220-$260 price point and you have the following subs to contend with:

The HiVi SP10 (check out that motor. 2x the weight of the JL)
The Madisound Speaker Store

The Peerless XXLS (amazingly low moving mass and a pure SQ sub)
The Madisound Speaker Store

The Seas L26RO4Y (Very strong motor, low moving mass, great excursion, and VERY low Qts. 2x the weight of the JL)
The Madisound Speaker Store

When I look at these options, the only reason I'd buy the JL 10W3 is if I needed the brand name label on the cone to show off to my friends because they've never heard of HiVi or Seas or Peerless or TC Sounds before. Comparing these 3 subs and the TC sub to the JL 10W3 is like comparing a Cruze to an Aveo with a $30k price tag.
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tell me if i'm wrong, but is it possible that with a well adapt to the enclosure 12" sub you will end up with a more sensitive sub that will work more easily at lower frequency ?

on one side you have a cone with more surface but who is heavier and not to forget the inner volume of the enclosure 0.7....... or 10" is the sweet spot
i'm very interested by the enclosure, just not sure what to put in it

And Xtrem you have a PM........for a while now ;-))
I may have missed your PM. I get several each day.

I would recommend a 10" sub. A 12" us a bit too large for this enclosure and volume. It will be difficult to find a 12" sub that actually sounds good in that small of an airspace.

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i just find a used sub, Focal P25DB and a JL mono amp
my only concern is that can this sub work good in 0.7 cubic feet ?
I heard it before but in a bigger enclosure
The volume would work well, especially with the corner loading you will get.
No. The Dayton HO 10" would be though.

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Would an Alpine type R 10' be good for this?
Yes, that would work well.

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