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Chevy cruze i just felt my radiator fan is not running on low and medium only at high speed, but fan is working fine with Ac on.

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I already checked the fan capacitor it running well with different speeds,
I just changed the head gasket because of heating issues as well as thermostat. I dont know am really worried about it. Also i felt sometime fan also not running but when i turn off the car then turn again its ruining for sometime at high soeed then off.🥲🥲🥲🥲
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How to find out? Relay pulled in?..
Yes I checked all three terminals resistor pack its running fine on all three speed
There is no "fan capacitor".. Are you talking about the resistor pack?
Have you applied voltage to each of the fan terminals shown in the picture (those are the Pics I posted a while back).. does it run on all three speeds?

If so then yes you need to find out if the relays are being pulled in... If it does not run on all three speeds then you need to replace the resistor pack and/or fan.
yes I checked the resistor pack is running well on all three speeds .
Also how to check the relay pulled in?
I suggest to check fan relays in fuse box in first step.
how i can check? I have multimeter only
1 - 2 of 5 Posts