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Chevy Cruze intermittent chirping noise ???

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2014 chevy cruze LTZ 1.4L gets this chirping noise usually after its been fully warmed up and the car is stopped. Doesn't matter what gear the car is in, it happens. you do hear the fan going in this video but that does not affect the chipping noise you will hear.
Seams that when i turn the steering wheel a little in any direction it can make it worse.
Water pump has been changed and new belt. Still happening. Deal never hears it when i bring it in. But I've showed them the video.
Any help? Anyone else have this issue?

help.... any ideas?
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There's a few threads on chirping. Working from memory:

  • It could be a PCV malfunction - try puling the dipstick and see if it goes away. If it does, then that's the problem.
  • Bad seals - aggravated by above.
  • Loose sparkplug. Pop the coil and check the torque.

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18 ft.-lbs or pound feet of torque on the spark plugs, around a hundred with the belt tensioner and should work smooth.

Can remove the belt from the tensioner and with a finely tuned index finger, can rotate all the sheaves for any rough spots, insufficient gaps in the AC compressor clutch been known to cause these problems.

To the good ear, a chirping sound is different than a whistle, taking me longer to type this than to check it.
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