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Eh. GM IS capable of making a decent manual box. The M32 in the Cruze is not one of them, and that kept me from buying another. It's rather poor match with the Gen 2 and 1.4T engine...among the numbest things I've ever driven, laggy powerband due to the tuning, and clunky. Even auto journalists said to just avoid the manual, which is quite rare.

As the market has shifted, I imagine that GM is losing sales on the new Cruze to the new Equinox and other crossover vehicles. I don't even think the Malibu, despite being pretty good, is selling that well. Cutting a transmission put into 1% of Cruzes sold - mostly to enthusiasts - probably makes financial sense. When I bought my 2012, it sat on the lot for ~8 months before I bought it (at a time when Cruzes were flying off lots), and it took them nearly as long to sell used.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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