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Chevy Cruze LT 1.6 LXT Engine type Random Misfire

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Hello everyone, I live in Tunisia.

I bought a chevy cruze 6 months ago,
it displayed the following errors: P0137, P0300, P0302 and P0303.
So I changed the 4 spark plugs, still the same messages.
I changed the 4 spark plug cables, still the same messages.
I replaced the ignition coil, same thing.
I also changed the oxygen sensor 2 after the catalytic converter. The oxygen sensor message has disappeared but still the same cylinder 2 and 3 misfire.
PS : Mileage : 108.000 km

an idea please

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Clean the connectors and pins on the ECM. Disconnect the battery first, then use some contact cleaner spray.
a mecanic at the dealer (have found only a VW dealer nearby) told me that there is a risque of :
  • head gasket
  • Wireing issue
  • ECU Issue
  • communicating crack between cylinders 2 and 3 of the cylinder head

I'm an IT (Computing) so it doesn't seems to me very logic but i have used the car only for 3000km so i'm very upset

do you think this diagostic he told me is objective !!!

PS : the engine is not checking nor vibrating

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Yes, those are all a possibility. Except the ECU (ie ECM). The ECMs on our cars they are rock solid, the only time they fail is when people destroy them. Now the connectors on the ECM are a known weak point, because the are not sealed water gets in and corrodes the pins and the female connectors.

Also, fwiw, I've read many cases were the ecm was replaced but didn't fix the problem. I would personally invest in a block hydrocarbon test kit. The cost about $40, they work extremely well.
unfortunatly block hydrocarbon test kit are not available by here, do you think the timing belt could cause this specially we had changed the timing chain and tensioner

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Well. again I have to acknowledge it ii possible. But I doubt it, with that you should get cam position codes.
On a side note. This is exactly why cars should be repaired promptly. After a car has multiple failures they become exponentially harder to diagnose.
thax's for the advices, i will get by the dealer tomorow, will be back with the end of it to contribute for others.

if it does not bother you may get in touch to speak about it
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