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Chevy Cruze "Overheating"

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Hi all, I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze LS (1.8L) and it's got some problems I'm not sure how to address. About a month ago I took a long trip to Iowa and back and when we got back to our destination after about 5 minutes my cooling fan turned on. (My car just hit 140k miles, if that is of any importance.) The "A/C off due to high engine temp" screen comes on however my car has not been running hot from what I can tell. We erased the engine code off to see if that would fix anything and it did for about 3ish weeks maybe a little longer (not running hot that whole time). As of Friday, the signal came on again and I noticed that my car is going through a fair amount of coolant. I can't exactly see any leaks where it is coming out, or even if there are any leaks. When I run my OBD scanner the car is running about 171 F most of the time. However today I once again cleared off the engine code (to see if it was overheating/overcooling etc so I could get the same message again) the car seemed to run fine although the OBD Scanner was reading around 237-241 F with no fan kicking on. Im not entirely sure what the issue could be. Any insight is much appreciated I think it is the Temperature Sensor but I could be very wrong granted I don't know all too much about cars.
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Check for leaks in the cooling system. If everything looks okay, I would check your engine oil for a head gasket leak. You're gonna want to look for frothy white liquid from your dipstick. I don't know too much beyond that but they're the two most useful things to check when your engine is running hot and consuming coolant.
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