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A bit envious of Italy, same exact latitude as Central Wisconsin, but was using the AC there while using heating here. Also couldn't help but notice the complete lack of any GM vehicles at any vehicle rental space.

Practically all the bases I was stationed at, had a DIY section next to the motor pool, and could always borrow tools and get some help from the motor pool guys.

First sign of an overheated engine is lack of coolant, is your reservoir full? Certainly enough guys posted here with leaking water pumps with other with poor thermostats.

Also have GM reps here that should be able to help you. Overheating can be a very dangerous situation to an aluminum head, plastic manifold engine. But none of us more experience guys are not even close enough to help you.

Could be knowing the defective component, maybe a GM rep could even send you the part you need. Suggest you contact one of the reps on this board.

I started working on vehicles when I was ten years old, so already had quite a bit of experience. Recall one buddy had 16 gummed up hydraulic lifters, got more than 50 volunteers to help clean those, so this job went quick.

Ha, you call that clean? Get down and give me 50. Still keeping in contact with my old buddies, this was over 50 years ago.
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