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I answered this on the other thread on this topic "High Engine Temp"

so cut and it is again.

This link will point you to any of the Dealers in Italy. I am assuming you speak at least some Italian ( I learned to when I was working there) otherwise you can use Google Translate for this site.

Its a direct link to the needed dealer locator page. I don't know which base you were on to know what part of Italy Specifically so I couldn't narrow it down any better.

For example if you are on Camp Darby where I was, there is a fairly long list of places in Pisa and Livorno before venturing further out to other locations by Clicking on Toscana, then either of those as they are the two closest. For any of the other bases Click on the Region of your base and it will come back with a list of cities and click on the closest city and it provides a list and addresses and phone numbers of every licensed service shop in that town/city.

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