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Chevy is losing a very loyal customer (lots of issues and long explanation)

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I have a 2011 Cruze LTZ RS purchased back in May of 2011. I purchased the car after trading in a 2000 Mercury Cougar that I paid $1,000 for, but I grew tired of needing to repair something every few months, and at one point was left stranded by the vehicle. I had no car payment on that car and I was only trading it in so I could get a more reliable car that was safer and had better fuel economy. My cruze currently has 31k miles on it, 80% of those miles are easy 65mph highway driving. I have a 70 mile round trip commute to work. This car has been an absolute nightmare. After only owning the vehicle a few months I noticed a grinding noise from inside the cabin that only presented itself while idling. I scheduled a service appointment and they couldn't diagnose it. A few weeks later it got worse so I scheduled another service appointment and again they still couldn't figure out what it was. After a few months of the problem worsening I made yet another service appointment in March of this year. I got a call saying the vehicle was fixed, they thought it was the way an a/c line was routed that was touching the firewall causing the noise. When I picked the vehicle up as soon as I went to leave the lot it made the same grinding noise again. I immediately went and grabbed the Service Manager and had him listen to it. He said to leave the vehicle with them to figure out what was still causing it. I was called again after a few days saying the AC Compressor went bad and it was replaced in the vehicle, so the vehicle was ready for pickup. So my brand new car that wasn't even a year old with 19k miles on it had an AC Compressor fail. That should have been my first sign of the nightmare to come.

Four months later my wife and I were on our way home during a severe thunderstorm. We were a few blocks from home sitting at an intersection when the car alarmed us saying "AC Off Due to High Engine Temp". We made a left hand turned over a set of rail road tracks and as we were doing so the temp gauge went to red and the cabin filled with steam. We could not see outside the vehicle and had to immediately pull over. As we pulled over we hit a curb damaging a wheel and scaring us quite a bit. Luckily we did not hit anything else, or worse a vehicle or pedestrian. I called Onstar and asked what was happening. At this point we still couldn't see outside the vehicle, and I couldn't even stick my head out the window to see because it was during a sever thunderstorm with heavy rain. Onstar stated the car had basically overheated and needed to be turned off and towed. The rain had slowed down, and the Onstar rep stated if we were very close to home he would stay on the phone with us to make sure nothing else happened if we wanted to continue home as opposed to being stranded waiting for a tow. We opted to drive home. My wife just continuously kept wiping the windshield with a cloth so I could see to get home. We made it home and I asked the Onstar rep to document what happened so when I get it towed to the dealer the next day they can see it. The rep told me he had no way of doing so. I called the dealer the next day and had it towed in. The vehicle had about 26k miles on it and was only a year and two months old at this point. I was informed by the dealer a week later that the water pump had failed, the gasket physically shot out of the pump and thats what caused all the issues. They fixed the damaged wheel at this time as well being that it was caused by this. So at only a little over a year old the car has had two failed components, with this one putting my wife and I in a seriously unsafe situation. Had it happened just a few minutes earlier we would have been on the highway doing 65mph. Luckily it happened when we were in town and there was no traffic. At this point, my confidence in the vehicle was just about gone.

After getting the car back from the last failure, it only took two weeks for another problem to present itself. The car began to have intermittent shifting issues. Sometimes when the vehicle first starts up when you go from "P" to "D" it slams into "D" and shakes the entire care. Also, while driving the vehicle it randomly feels like it's stutter shifting as if it's not sure what gear it wants to go in. While driving in town it occasionally shifts hard while up or down shifting. I made and appointment with the dealer for these problems. They flashed an update to the cars computer, and this helped for a day or two before the problems came up again. At this point my wedding was coming up along with my honeymoon so I wasn't able to take the car in again until we got back.

When I returned from my honeymoon in September of this year I called the dealer to make an appointment a few days later for the continuing transmission issues. Before I was able to take the car into the dealer another problem presented itself. One morning when I left for work very early I was coming out of my development approaching a stop sign to an intersecting 45mph state road. As I approached the stop sign at about 25mph I applied the brakes and didn't feel the car begin to slow down. I pressed the brake pedal all the way to the floor, heard a whoosh noise, and with a second or two delay the car slowly stopped as I rolled through the stop sign partially on the the intersecting road. Luckily, there were no cars coming or this could have been a very bad accident. The pedal was very spongy, and did stop the care immediately like pushing the pedal to the floor should. I pumped the pedal a few times until it built up pressure then continued my drive to work cautiously. When I left work that afternoon I tested the pedal before pulling out of the lot, sure enough the same thing happened. Once the pedal was pumped a few times and the care warmed up, the firm pedal returned and the car would stop like normal. I informed the dealer of this when I dropped the vehicle off the following day. They had the car for about two weeks and stated they couldn't duplicate any of my issues. I went into the dealer and drove it with the sale manager because the service manage was not there that day. When I drove it with him the brake pedal was spongy and it had delayed braking as soon as we went to leave the lot. He heard the whoosh as well when this happened. We continued to drive it to try to bring up the transmission issues but unfortunately they didn't present themselves. Once we got back to the shop they took the car back to look at the brake issue. After a few days they called and said it was fixed by resurfacing the rotors and replacing the pads. I went in to pick the vehicle up and as soon as I left the parking space the brake pedal was spongy and went to the floor not stopping the car for a second or two. I went right back in and told them. They kept the vehicle for another few days then called me and said they replaced the Brake Boosted Pump and Vacuum Pipe. This seems to have fixed the brake problem, but the transmission problem still exist. This was the third failed component on the vehicle with about 30k miles on it. This was the second safety issue the car had. At this point, the sales manager and service manager said they were working with corporate to get me out of the vehicle because it's had so many problems and the transmission issue has not been resolved. I told them I was very disappointed in everything, after all I traded in a vehicle that had no car payments that required maintenance every few months to now have a car with a car payment that needs maintenance every few months and had put me in unsafe situations not once but twice.

About two weeks ago I went into the dealer because they said they had received assistance from corporate to take my vehicle back and get me into a vehicle that would have the safety and reliability I originally purchased the car for. When we sat down to discuss the details they told me I would receive $4,000 in trade assistance and they would give me $15,500 for my car. The pay off on the car at the time was roughly $20,000. The salesman showed me a 2012 Cruze and a 2013 that was the same car as mine and said with the tax savings of trading my car in I wouldn't owe anything else on my current loan. The problem comes in when the price for the Cruze has gone up since I purchased mine and would be expected to pay an additional $40/month more in car payment. This is a slap in the face. Not only am I out over $5,000 in car payments I've made over the last year and a half due to buying an obviously faulty vehicle, I am expected to pay more to replace it with the exact same vehicle only a year or two newer. I told the dealer my feelings on this and they agreed, but said there was nothing else they could do. They looked into ordering me a different vehicle.

I contacted corporate GM last Wednesday 10/24/12. I spoke with a lady by the name of Luisa and explained my feelings to her. I explained all the issues I've had, and that I continued to have a transmission issue. I told her everything the dealer said. I also explained to her that I have a Saturn Ion Redline along with a Chevy Equinox, I am a loyal GM customer. I have planned to always be one because I have never had an issued with the way GM took care of their customers. I explained to her that I feel GM is adding insult to injury when they expect a customer to lose out on the money they paid for a vehicle that is shown to be faulty and then expect the customer to pay more on top of that to replace the vehicle. She said she would open a claim and try to call the dealer and then have a district person contact me. I called the next day on Thursday 10/25/12 and asked for an update. I spoke to Tamara who said the notes stated when Luisa called the dealer that they were closed. I asked her if it said what time Luisa called, and she stated around 7pm. The dealer doesn't close until 8pm. I informed Tamara of this and she said she wasn't sure why Luisa said that, but she would notify Luisa to contact me. Luisa never contacted me. I called a few hours later and spoke to Bob. Bob said the case still stated Luisa was working on getting a hold of the dealer, but was unsuccessful so he would try when we got off the phone. I did not hear anything back so I called again in the evening and spoke to Norman. Norman said Luisa noted the case that she called the dealer again but no one supposedly answered. I asked him to call the dealer with me on the phone, and he did. He had no issues getting a hold of the dealer. He told me it could now be escalated so a district person could contact me and he sympathized with me and how I felt about being asked to eat over $5,000 and still pay more for another car that was the same vehicle. I told him I needed someone to call me back as soon as possible because the dealer was trying to order a car the following day. He said he expedited it as much as he could.

On Friday morning 10/26/12 Elizabeth called me at 9:30am. I unfortunately missed the call and returned her call within two minutes. I was not able to get a hold of her for the rest of the day. I spoke to the dealer that day as well and they stated they were able to get an additional $500 in trade assistance but could not do anything further. I worked with them on placing an order for a vehicle and told them I'm still not satisfied about the money I've lost out on and will continue to lose out on. On Monday 10/29/12 afternoon Elizabeth called me back and said she was aware that an order was being placed by the dealer for a vehicle and that they had achieved trade assistance of $4,000. She asked me if there was anything further she could do. I explained to her that I felt GM was not showing care for a customer that purchased a brand new vehicle that is obviously faulty by expecting them to eat their car payment for the last year and a half along with pay more for an equivalent vehicle. I informed her that I have been a loyal GM customer, but discovering that this is how GM treats its customer when they receive a faulty vehicle is a slap in the face to their customers. She stated she agreed and asked what more I was seeking. I told her I would like GM to meet me somewhere in the money I've lost paying on the faulty and unsafe vehicle for the past year and a half. I told her I understand that I'm not required to pay anything further on the vehicle, but if it wasn't for these issues I wouldn't even be considering trading the vehicle in and would have happily kept paying on the vehicle and driving it until who knows when. So if I wouldn't have had all the issues, I would be in vehicle that was worth what I paid for. Therefore I would like GM to show that they care about customers who go through these situations and lose out on money and their vehicle by helping to at least meet halfway with the money that was lost. She said she didn't see that as being unfair would look into what else she could do for me and would let me know on Thursday 11/1/12. I received a call this morning 11/1/12 from a rep named Supa who stated GM would do nothing further than the trade assistance that was already offered and that while she sympathized with me there was nothing else that would be done. I told her that I am very disappointed that GM would treat its customers this way.

I am in disbelief that GM handles customers this way. I bought what I trusted to be a safe, reliable, and fuel efficient vehicle. It's accomplished fuel efficiency, but not safety or reliability. It's had a total of three failed components, two of them caused safety issues. Also, the transmission issues still hasn't been resolved. If I wanted a car that I would have to worry about, I would have kept my 2000 cougar that I had zero car payment on. Now I feel as though GM doesn't care, and while they've offered trade assistance so i owe nothing further on the vehicle I am forced to eat over $5,000 to get out of the vehicle that has proven it's faulty. I feel I'm trapped into another GM vehicle because of the trade assistance, because if I don't use it then I will lose out on even more money. This is the worst feeling I have ever had with a GM vehicle, and I'm severely disappointed. My grandpa is a retired GM employee, and my step-dad works for Ford. So I have my choice of employee pricing for either domestic car company. I have usually purchased GM vehicles when it's come to new vehicles because I've had good experiences in the past. This experience has ruined my confidence that GM builds quality vehicles, and that they care about their customers. There is hardly a worse feeling than having to choose between losing money and being forced to pay for a new vehicle, losing more money by going to another car company, or continuing to drive an unreliable and at times unsafe vehicle to prevent losing money. No matter what, I am losing money because I trusted this car to be what GM promised it to be and now that it's turned out to be the opposite they won't stand completely behind it and take care of it.
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Wow...that was a lot to read.

Let me try to explain some of this.

To begin with, we've had reports of some of those problems come in. They appear to be vendor related and limited to early production years of the Cruze. 2011 models had significantly more issues than 2012 models did, and unfortunately, many 2011 owners became guinnea pigs. I'm not going to try to sugar coat that one as we've seen the issues come in. Many parts were redesigned, and many issues were fixed that one wouldn't find on a later model. We have seen reports of the water pumps failing, and I have been in touch with the Technology Communications Manager for GM Powertrain Global regarding the water pump gasket failures. I sent him another email just now asking for an update.

With regard to the 2013 models being more expensive, a lot of that has to do with the upgraded features on the car. You're not just paying more for the same car; you're paying more for a better car. Just something to keep in mind, although I do believe they could do better on the trade-in value.

I'd say $4,000 on trade-in assistance could be improved, but I commend them for offering it to you anyway. If pushed to, I think they would be willing to work something out that would allow you to pay off your entire loan before signing on for a new one. You can't blame GM for not doing anything here. It is arguable that they aren't doing enough, but at the same time, the car does have 30k miles on it and you've been driving it for at least a year. Just explaining it from a business standpoint.

I can tell you all day long that I know how you feel since I've been there, but I know it won't help. All I can tell you with certainty is that the 2012 and 2013 model Cruze is many times more reliable than the 2011 model Cruze, and many Cruze owners on this board will vouch for that. We have a few members who have exceeded 60k miles on their Cruze and reported minor or no issues at all.

I've sent this thread over to my contact in Public Relations/Social Media to see if there's anything she can do.
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I got an update back from my contact at GM.

Thanks for sending to me. I'm going to send this to a few people and see if we can't better this situation for your member.
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Sorry to hear. I have had nothing but problems with my 12' Eco. Although only one was a safety issue (brakes). I was only offered free oil changes and tire rotations! Truly a slap in the face for someone who has owned over 10 GM products.

I have PM'd Stacy, the GM service rep for this forum, twice with no response. To me, that says they don't care. I'll give my hard earned money to a different car company as soon as I get out of this piece of junk.

You can count me as another Loyal customer lost as well.

Good luck with your case.
That doesn't say they don't care. Not caring assumes that they ignored your two PMs. Do you have any proof that they ignored them? I doubt you do. Stacy is here to help as much as she can, but if you've been paying attention to posts made on this forum, you'll notice that she has been extremely busy to the point where someone else has stepped in to try to do some of her communication on this board. I don't recall the name, but it at minimum explains why you didn't receive a response.

If you wish to contact GM customer service, and Stacy on this board has not been able to respond to your messages for whatever reason, you should have contacted GM customer service directly and filed a case with them over the phone.

You had one issue, that they took responsibility for and fixed. I don't quite understand why you feel entitled to any additional compensation or special treatment when they offered you free tire rotations and oil changes for your inconvenience. I can sympathize with disgruntled owners who have experienced issues with their vehicle, but to demand that GM compensate you for your inconvenience beyond taking responsibility for the problem and offering you courtesy oil changes and tire rotations just seems a bit far fetched. They've fulfilled their responsibility and then some.
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boostedirl, to prove that GM cares, they have offered to contact you directly. My contact at GM has notified me that she heard back from Executive Customer Service and would like to get your contact information.

They need your name, cell phone number, and e-mail address. Please send me that information in a private message and I will pass it along.
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The forum is here for people to express opinions and experiences. Which is what I'm doing. I was a GM fanboy when I purchased the car. But, multiple trips to the dealer costing me TIME and MONEY and still having multiple issues has destroyed my confidence in the company. Whether or not you understand that or agree with it is irrelevant.
I recall having this conversation before, but I talk to enough people on a daily basis on this board that I don't remember their usernames half the time. I did however go through your list of posts (yes, all ~50 of them) to make sure I had my story straight. I attempted to help you with some of your issues and explain them back in September, which was not well received.

I said the following in response to one of your rude comments there:

There are people here who are willing to help, and they are quite generous with their time and patience when it comes to people like you, who are frustrated with their cars. However, they don't take too kindly when you shove it back in their face and continue to rant on about how terrible your car is. Keep it up, and you'll find out why I suggested you fly a kite instead of continue venting.
Despite my warning, you have continued trolling this forum as if it was your personal mission to express your contempt of this vehicle at every opportunity. You have made it more difficult for others here who genuinely care to offer help and assistance, and you have wasted my time in the process. Despite having issues with your car, you have not presented anyone here with an opportunity to assist you, and have resorted to undermining the efforts of those who do all they can to help any members that do have issues.

I am kindly asking that you stop trolling threads on this forum with your complaints and attempts to discourage current owners, as your behavior is indirect opposition with the goals of this community. If you have any specific issues that need resolving and have not been able to reach a resolution through your dealership, you are more than welcome to create a new thread as the original poster of this thread has done, and we will point you in the right direction; providing you with resources that would assist your dealership in correctly diagnosing and resolving any problems you may have with your Cruze, to the best of our abilities. In some cases, I may take the time out of my day and reach out to my GM contacts so they can assist you.

You have adequately vented your concerns and frustrations. Considering you have not sought help or assistance, repeatedly expressing your contempt of General Motors while refusing offers for help and ignoring requests from CruzeTalk staff to cease doing so will be labeled as spam, will be reported, and will be treated accordingly.

If you are not here to offer help, ask for help, or contribute in a positive manner, then you have no reason to be here.
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pm'ed you the info. thank you for your help and time.
I have received your PM and have forwarded your contact information to my contact in GM. As she has been very prompt in responding to my emails, I have every reason to believe that you will be contacted in the very near future. Please keep us posted.
Not interested in doing that and opening a whole other can of worms.

However, I will agree not to acknowledge any more post directed at me from XtremeRevolution.
You have a PM.

There are trolls a plenty here, and there are genuinely dissatisfied customers. This guy sounds like the second.
The difference between a troll and a dissatisfied customer is that the latter expresses their dissatisfaction adequately respectfully with tact in a thread of his own and continues on his day, while the former continues to spam his dissatisfaction in every thread he has the opportunity like a personal vendetta against GM.
I am also of the opinion that the OP got a fair shake. 31,000 miles and 18 months later, I think GM did what they could and it is a fair deal.

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GM did indeed give him a fair deal, and it seems that he is satisfied with their offer. $4,000 covers the depreciation of the vehicle as a cost to him. His loss will have been $5,000 over 18 months, which effectively makes his loaded LTZ RS a rental car at a rate of ~$9 per day.

From what I can tell, they practically turned his loan into a lease and ended it early. In addition, my GM contact has notified me that he has agreed to purchase a Corvette.

I'd say GM has more than adequately shown how much they care about their customers.

Jeff, I understand you were inconvenienced, but GM has done more than what I've seen any other car company do. Having given this more thought and having done some calculating, I can honestly say that they have been very fair and honorable.

GM has proven yet again that they are more than deserving of my business and recommendation, and I hope that anyone who comes across this thread in the future will see the situation for what it really is; GM going above and beyond what they are contractually obligated to in order to make a customer happy.
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Are the people you forwarded my contact info to no longer going to contact me?
Here's an excerpt from the email I received that should answer your question:

...unfortunately, after a bit of research and having our Executive CAC Manager review the notes from dealer and field communications, GM has made its final and fair offer to Jeff. The last communication with him was a phone call just yesterday, so he's not being ignored.
As I noted in the message you just quoted, I would agree that their offer is fair. Many on this board will promptly acknowledge that I have stood my ground against them in the past with issues where I firmly believed they needed to make a correction, but this is not one of them.

Knowing the deal you got, I can't say that I would have asked for more in your situation. You got a better deal than you would have if you had leased the car and ended the lease early with no penalty.
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Sorry, I should have been more clear with that decision. I have a Saturn Ion Redline, hence the screen name boostedirl meaning boosted ion redline. I would never dream of putting that many miles a year on a Corvette. I am a car enthusiast. The Saturn was my fun car while I drove the cruze. I put all of 500 miles on the saturn in the past two years because it only came out during the nice warm sunny days and the days I took it to the track. Now it will be my daily driver and obviously the vette' will be my fun car. Look, I'm excited about getting a corvette. However, what GM did is not what enabled me to get it. I'm just not happy about the 18 months of car payments that are lost on a faulty vehicle. No one is going to change my opinion on that. Oh, and I will post pics if you'd like when I take delivery of it next month.
Looking forward to the pics. Please do post them.

I know how you feel btw. Bought my 2nd car right out of college, a 2005 Bonneville GXP. 45,800 miles on it, and bought an extended warranty from Nissan since that was the dealer that sold me the car. I sold it under 4 years and 41k miles later right before the warranty expired, with a tally of $7,200 in repairs that were covered, over $1000 that were not, and leaking sending and returning oil cooler AND power steering lines, the former of which were leaking onto the exhaust manifold and causing the cabin to smell like burned oil.

Trust me, I feel your pain. I've owned a lemon before. Just know that every manufacturer has lemons. You will never be immune to the chances of it, but you're on the right track not buying the first year of a new car model. The 2012s have been great for just about everyone here.

Best of luck with the Vette.

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I think we've beaten this one to death. The posts are getting to the point where I can see the OP getting a bit frustrated and irritated with the responses. The reasons were given and Jeff has purchased a new vehicle. If anyone wants to continue sharing stories of the lemons they've owned in the past, you're more than welcome to create a new thread for it in the off-topic section.

Jeff, if you want this thread unlocked, let me know and I'll unlock it for you. Otherwise, I think we're pretty much done here.
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