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chevy my link pandora question?

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who has the chevy my link radio in their cruze, and is your pandora logo lit up? my pandora logo on my radio is inop or not lit up but i can play pandora on my phone and then transfer to the radio, but thats a pain. id rather push the pandora logo and have it. any thoughts on this? or am I using it incorectly.
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I have it and I had trouble at first. I realized that you have to quit Pandora on your phone before getting in the car. It won't sync up if Pandora is already open on your phone for whatever reason. So if you get in, and play music from Pandora, then stop and get out of the car, Pandora is still open on the phone. When you get back in the car, it won't work. Quitting Pandora on the phone before you get back in will let MyLink sync to the phone again when you re-enter. Hope that makes sense.
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kind of, haha, ill try that
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