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If the Cruze plug-in is half as good as the Volt, it will be a winner:

"In what is becoming a monthly ritual for automotive writers, it is time once again to announce that the Chevy Volt, perhaps the world’s most famous car at the present moment, has added yet another award to its already crowded trophy shelf. British auto magazine “Diesel Car” has crowned the Volt “2012 Best Eco Car in the UK.”

The publication’s editor said the main reason for the award was that Volt and Ampera, its European cousin, have changed the entire electric driving paradigm, making the EV more accessible and
hybrid driving a reality...

...While Volt’s European representatives were collecting another award for the car, the company’s corporate contingent in China was busy laying the groundwork for future Volt sales in that nation. Recently, GM’s manager of battery and hybrid technology communications, Kevin Kelly, spent three months in China to fine tune the rollout of Volt there. In a market like China, where EV charging infrastructure lags behind even that of the U.S., the Volt is a perfect match in spite of its price."

Chevy Volt: Another Award, and Big Plans for China | My Perfect Automobile
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