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hi brothers,

Any idea the 1.8L Cruze between China and North America version is using the same engine spec?

I am planning to import some Down Pipe as show below:
cruze - down pipe.jpg

And the down pipe is from china. Do you think its fit on the US version of Cruze?

Below are the engine pictures for sight seeing:

China Cruze 1.8L SX
cruze engine - CN.jpg

US N.A. Cruze 1.8L
cruze engine - NA.jpg

From the eye sight , its looks the same , is it worth to do this bet to give a try?

The supplier in china knows nothing in US version.

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Did you find out if it works? if so what part numbers were the header and dp?
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The OP has not been online since Nov of 2016. Probably won't answer.

It is best to start your own thread and ask the question a bit better.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and your Cruze here.
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