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Chinese Mud Flaps Installed and Jacking Up Your Cruze

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Finally had some time to install the $16.00 Mud Flaps today. This thread will cover 2 items.

1.Installation of the flaps
2.Jacking up the car and having it on stands for all 4 wheels.

First thing. When I ordered them, I really couldn't tell from the pictures how big they were. I had concerns that they may be too big and look like something from a 18 wheeler. Luckily that thought went by the wayside. They aren't too big or too small. The finished product looks great

Overall I'm very happy with the fitment and quality of the parts. For $16.00 you really can't go wrong.

To make things as easy as possible. I decided to remove all 4 wheels since i was going to rotate them anyway.

What makes the ECO a great gas saver is also kinda of a PIA when it comes to jacking the car up. Since most of the unibody structure is covered up by the Aero panels. After looking at it for about 15 minutes I came up with a pretty good solution to getting it up in the air.

I didn't use any area of the pinch welds as a jacking or support point. I also had zero derformation of any body structure as well.

Front of car.

Place your jack under the bolt and plate that holds the front cross member. Makes sure it's centered on the bolt and not on any part of the corresponding plate that goes off to the body of the car.

Jack the wheel up so it leaves the ground. Put your jack stand under the unibody structure closest to the pinch weld. This part of the unibody is very strong. Locate the jack away from the center and the hole in the assembly.

Rear of the car

Put your jack under the torsion bar assemnly were it meets the spring perch and jack up the car.

Put the stand on the inside of the pinch weld. This section is very strong as well.

Repeat the steps on the other side of the car unti the car is in the air and on the stands

Time to install the flaps.

Overall it was pretty straight foward. The rear flaps use one of the exising body screws to fasten. I also used a sheet metal screw in the lower sections to add some additional lateral support.

Some tips. Make sure you predrill everything and take your time especially when doing the front. The landing area for the fronts goes into the fender lip is very narrow and you could easily do something bad if you're not paying attention.

Once I was done, I took some plastip dip and coated all of the fasteners to prevent rust.

Drivers Rear

Front Driver

Front Passenger - Used a plastic zip fastener

Rear Passenger - Used a plastic zip fastener and a sheet metal screw as well.

Drivers Side

Passenger Side

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Used RoadSport Pro-Fit Splash Guards - Model #4 on my Cruze, ten bucks a pair at my Fleet farm store. Much larger than yours and certainly a heck of a lot larger than OE's.

So Chevy is selling vehicles that require splash shields and not included, most vehicles I had over the years had flared fenders, didn't need these things. And splash shields it what they call them more like stone guards.

Ha, why jack stands? Only time I used these when I have to replace the car, one wheel is enough for me at a time. Also have a block of wood covered with carpet, just enough clearance is the hydraulics do fail, not hitting the ground no way. Also took the time to anti-seize the wheel studs, hubs where the wheel fits on. Ha, while others are talking about loose lug nuts, around here, rust so bad either can't remove the wheel or break off the studs.

Removed the push pins from the fender wells and used those again for the shields. Purchased a pack of Dorman push pins drilling 1/4 inches for the remainder, would never expect and laid the shield on top of the wheel wells to maintain that seal to the fenders. Can't expect those screws to hold in that very thin plastic wheel well.

If you want to discuss longevity, did exactly the same thing to my 04 Cavalier using the same exact splash shield. Except on the Cavalier, the rears fit flat, had to trim the rears on the Cruze so they would. After 11 years, shields are still rock solid, the the rest of the car is falling apart.
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