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Chip Express Tune 200 horsepower 348 ft-lbs of torque

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I was wondering if anyone had used this chip. I'd probably wait until the car was well broken in (like 10,000 kms) before getting one, but I wanted to know if anyone out there had any experience with it? It looks decent and appears that you can set it differently so that you can have more of a conservative tune or run it all the way up to 200 horsepower and 348 ft-lbs of torque. It's expensive, but for 50 horsepower and like 80 ft-lbs of torque, if it didn't cause the car to blow up, it could be worth while. Here is the link to the website.

Diesel Tuning Chip for Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 VCDI 150PS / 110kW / 148bhp

Edit: Also found this chip tune website. Anyone know anything about it? I have looked through the forum but can't seem to find a whole lot of info on tunes for the Cruze diesel.
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Given this is sold in the UK, it is likely meant for the European spec 2.0L diesel Cruze, which is an entirely different 2.0L engine than the U.S. spec diesel Cruze.
It has an option so you can select the European spec Cruze or the UK Cruze. I think I'll just drive the Cruze stock for a while and give it some time and see if anyone in the US starts by this tune.

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Definitely can't say whether this is true or not because it is on wikipedia I found this information, but apparently the stock transmission in the Cruze is rated for 325 ft-lbs of torque. As I said before, I'd want probably 10,000 km's or more on the car before I started playing around with it. This car is by far the most expensive thing I have ever purchased, so I don't want to screw anything up. I'm sure in a year or two, the aftermarket will have grown a bit and there will be a better idea as to what some good products are and what some not so good products are. Until then, 151 horsepower and 280 ft-lbs of torque when in overboost is more than enough :)....I was just curious as to whether or not anyone else had tried one of the canned tunes.

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If you're not using the factory over-boost frequently, then there is no point in power tuning - you're not even using what you got now.
Here's the transmission specs from the GM Powertrain web site:

six speed front wheel drive, electonically controlled automatic tansmission with torque converter clutch
Maximum engine torque:
400 Nm (295 ft-lbs)
Gear ratios:
Ratio spread
Maximum shift speed:
7000 rpm
Min input speed:
650 rpm
Shifting mechanism:
Integrated position sensor with TCM
Shifting positions:
P,R,N,D (by cable) & Tiptronic (by CAN)
Case material:
Die cast aluminum
Center distance:
197 mm
Overall length:
358 mm
Shift pattern:
Pulse width modulated solenoid control
Shift quality:
Variable bleed solenoid
Torque converter clutch:
Pulse width modulated solenoid control
Available control features:
Eco Mode
Manual Mode (Tiptronic)
Up Hill Control
Down Hill Control
Shift by Temperature
Brake Assist
Neutral Control
Tip Auto Down
Tip Auto Up
Improved Downshift Protection
Highest Gear in Limp Home
Converter size:
D241 Large
Torque ratio:
Fluid type
AW-1 (low friction), lifetime fill
Transmission weight (dry):
85,7 kg
Fluid capacity
6,96 kg (incl. cooler)
Pressure taps available:
Access to all clutches & brakes possible
Assmbly site:
Anjo City, Japan
Chevrolet Cruze
AWTF-80 SC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Once again, just a wikipedia fact, so it can't be for sure credited, but it says that the transmission is designed to handle a maximum of 440nm of torque, and its max shift speed is 7000 rpm with 350nm or less and 6500 rpm with 350nm-400nm. So if wikipedia is right, with the Cruze only shifting at 4500 rpm, I could see the transmission easily holding up to 440nm of torque, which is about 325ft/lbs. Maybe a bit more. Before I get flamed for saying that though, I'd like to clarify, I am just going off what Wikipedia said. The GM Powertrain Website is a much more credible source than Wikipedia.

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Not sure if anyone is actually following this thread anymore, but I thought I would just post another chip I found, just in case someone is reading it. It has three different settings, a 30 hp, 40 hp, and 50 hp setting. Has a warning that extended use of the 50 hp setting combined with many full throttle launches can cause more frequent DPF cycles and potentially even the need for a manual DPF cycle to be run. I don't know why, but I feel this is the best chip I have seen so far. Something about it feels the most comforting. Not that I'll be able to afford it or will I be buying one anytime soon, even if I could afford it, but thought others might be interested.

EFILive Custom Engine Tune - Chevy Cruze Diesel Tuner - Chevy Cruze Diesel - Custom Tuning Fleece Performance Engineering, Inc.: Innovating Diesel Performance

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It is not a "chip". It is custom tuning and I have heard no problems with the people running it on here. This will be the besting tuning for the CTD. EFI Live has no competition when it comes to tuning GM vehicles.
I thought it was a "chip". The website says "The Chevy Cruze Diesel tuner comes loaded with 3 tuning options; a 30hp tune (see results below), 40hp tune, and a 50hp tune*. All tunes retain the factory emissions equipment and attain similar fuel economy to the factory calibration when driven in a similar manner." Doesn't that mean it is just 3 different canned tunes for you to choose from? I might be misunderstanding something.

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It is a hand held unit that plugs into the car and tunes the ECM. It is also known as a Auto Cal in the Duramax world. They are not so called "chips" like people referred to them in the past. More like a programmer.
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I just don't get it, so how does it work then? Do you get it, plug it in and do some data logging and then send the data off to EFI and they make you a tune and e-mail back the tune file and then you just copy the file to the tuner, or how does it work? Sorry, I just have no idea what separates this from a "chip."

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In the "old days" they would physically remove the ECU (engine control unit) and either reprogram it or replace it. Hence the term "chip". Nowadays they can access the software (mmm, firmware I suppose) in the ECU via the OBD port. My understanding is that they download the program (the stock tune), revise it (the tuned, tune), and then upload the program back into your ECU, again via the OBD port. I had two Jetta TDI's that were "chipped" (i.e. tuned) and they were terrific.
Oh, okay! So I did actually understand how it worked I was just using improper terminology. When I said "chip" I guess I really meant "handheld tuner/programmer". So it comes with 3 different canned tunes, right? Like it isn't like I have to data log with it, send in the data to a tuner, and get a tuner to create a tune based off of the data, right? It'd basically be buy it, plug it in, select either 30 hp, 40 hp, or 50 hp tune, wait a couple minutes for it to reprogram the ECU, and drive away, right? Or am I still misunderstanding something haha?

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So reading isn't your strong suit (j/k :p) but I stated above that I have this tune already. You should check my build thread for details. Might answer some of your questions :)

Link in my signature
Wow, nice Cruze!!!! I really want one of these tunes now. I'm going to hold out for a bit though. Now, this may just be my crappy reading again haha, but I couldn't see anywhere in there about whether or not a dealer would be able to figure out that you had tuned it, even when flashing it back to stock. Or when you flash it back to stock would it be like it was never there? Get's deleted without a trace. I have a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty and really don't want to mess that up haha.
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