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Chirp and clunky rattle 2014 1lt rs

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Hi all, the video the air conditioning is on. There is a chirp all the time, and a clunky rattle when air is on, more prominent on driver's side. Radiator fan is interesting as well, on/off high speed. Not my car yet but I was at a chevy dealership to consider buying this 2014 1LT rs with 119000 mi. As is, 'wholesale to public' offering. Intake and v-cover appear newer maybe. Bottom of engine and trans coated with oil. Oil on oil cooler area. Can you see the oil coating on lines and wires below brake resevoir, looks like it sprayed there.. Drives very nicely, looks beautiful, like new interior and body. Ltft good. O2s1+2 graphs good. Passed emission in June but torque says not ready. Oil streak in turbo normal.
Thanks very much for your opinions.
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So, found your thread and figured these could help you out... Above is a SKP (rock auto), and below OEM. I have a manual 1.8L so I believe I have more wiggle room. But none the less, had to remove both rad hoses, and bend the aluminum AC lines over to squeeze the rad fan out. So leaving the fan shroud in would probably be the best bet considering tranny lines, and boost thingy's.

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