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Need some input on this one. Not sure many people here are running a water/meth kit, I know some of you are though! Or perhaps some have had experience with it on other cars, etc.

I'm looking at the AEM, Devlisown, and Snow Performance. I guess AEM's pumps suck, people complain about Snow's nozzles, it just goes on and on. Alky Control and Aquamist are very expensive but allegedly "the best".

I'm not making 800whp anytime soon, so I think I can be fine with a "lower end" model. The Devil's Own actually makes a kit for Cruze, Chevy Cruze - DevilsOwn Injection !

They have great prices too, about $100 less than Snow Performance.

Any comments, suggestions? I was reading a lot on LS1Tech about their choices, but we're talking about guys who are making 4 figure dyno numbers... Best Meth Injection Kit? - LS1TECH
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