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Ok I bought my 17 year old daughter a stereo upgrade for Xmas. She has a 2014 RS. With no navigation or amp or anything. She loves music anyway, they couldn’t install it due to COVID and limited supplies at the Best Buy here so I am taking a crack at it. I haven’t installed a system since 1997 my senior year in highschool. I couldn’t find component speakers for the front so I thought I’d wait and get those like the day after but I purchased 2 kicker 6x9s and 2 kicker 6.75 rounds for the rear doors also the 6.75s were rated at 275w and the 6x9s were rated at 300w. There’s no 6x9s in her deck lid at all. Do I need to build a box or something. Also the 1000w 4 channel amp I bought says it’s rated at 4 ohms. But the speaker diagrams have them at 2 or 8 ohms. Oh and also I bought a ten inch touch screen and dash etc. but I’m wondering if I can use this amp. If so how should I wire it. Should I leave the stock fronts on the new head unit and put the 4 kickers on the amp. Just wondering the best way to do this since I’m stuck with what I have. Thank you.
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