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Chrome/Silver Speaker Ring Trim

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Anyone know of someone or somewhere that sells the Chrome/Silver Speaker Trim? I got the stick on set from Ebay (from China) and they are way worse than I suspected them to be. They will no way fit unless I modify them, maybe. they come stock on LTZ/RS models correct? Maybe I will have to do a junkyard pull or swap. Ive seen 2 pairs on the web but they were crazy crazy priced....
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I'm pretty sure that comes as part of the door panel, rather than something that is replaceable.

Maybe it is, though. If that's the case, I'd recommend searching by part number if you were to want to buy new.
Mine just pull off. I have the black ones and purchased some red ones, but they were tape on - not clip on. I want a set that clips on and cannot find any after market ones so far that show how they are mounted.

Cruze chrome speaker trim
Ya those are the stupid covers I bought too. I tried putting 1 on and the tape didn't even touch the ring so it could stick. I tried to cut it down also but still no luck
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