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Chugging at take off

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I put a bunch of miles on my 1.4T this weekend on Labor Day vacation. But I have noticed at take off from a dead stop it chugs a little bit, almost like the front end is vibrating. Kinda like if I took the traction control off and just mashed it, the front end kinda goes loose. I only have like 1500 miles on my Eco and it is bothering me that I go to take off and I can feel it in the front end.

Anyone else experience something similar?
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Im running just regular unleaded so 87. And its in first gear and only until shift into second gear
Ahh, now that I think of it the A/C was on since I was doing mostly highway driving. I will have to notice it next time its on and I will also try 91 octane. I think that will help a lot too.

Thanks for the responses!!!!
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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