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Chugging at take off

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I put a bunch of miles on my 1.4T this weekend on Labor Day vacation. But I have noticed at take off from a dead stop it chugs a little bit, almost like the front end is vibrating. Kinda like if I took the traction control off and just mashed it, the front end kinda goes loose. I only have like 1500 miles on my Eco and it is bothering me that I go to take off and I can feel it in the front end.

Anyone else experience something similar?
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The plugs on the 1.4T can be run up to 0.037" However, due to plug gap growth you will very likely start experiencing spark blowout under higher loads starting around 2500 RPM. Because of this GM came back and changed the gap for new plugs to be 0.025" to 0.0274". Set new plugs to 0.028 and older plugs to 0.030". I just put my NGK BRK7EIX plugs back in and set them to 0.029".

Put them back in, as in, you took them out at some point?
I just put a set of those in mine a few weeks ago.
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