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I'm just starting to clay my car. I've never clayed a car before, but I've been reading up on it. I'm using Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit with the Quik Detailer as lube. I've heard to not skimp on the lube or else you can get scratches/swirls, so I've been making sure I have good coverage, which is easy on flat horizontal surfaces (roof, hood, etc). Not so much on vertical surfaces like the doors or rear end where when you spray it just runs down or makes a mess.

Is this just how it is? Anyone have tricks or tips? So far I've been using a towel around weatherstriping and seams to keep the lube from running into them and onto glass. I've heard you can clay glass but the lube seems to leave streaks on glass

Out of curiosity, how large an area do you guys spray and clay at a time? Auto geek says no more than 2 ft sq sections as a time, but I broke down the roof into 1/3 sections to save time

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When I've done mine I just used the spray lube that comes in the kit. I'm not sure if it makes a difference. I don't remember having problems keeping the surface of the car wet though.

I tried to stick to the space recommendations, but I'm also impatient and it seemed like it was fine to do some areas (like the hood) in bigger sections lol.

Then wipe the excess off with microfiber towels as soon as you're done with each section.

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