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We purchased a 2nd Gen 2016 last year, have driven 12200 miles on it. I've started to notice that the clear coat is hazed/foggy on the trunk and a portion of my fender and hood. It appears as though it may be starting to chip, although no paint/clear coat is chipping as of yet, the haze however is extremely noticeable. We have the black color option. Each hazed area is about the size of a palm/hand print.

I am hesitant on applying any compound, cleaner or wax on it without dealer guidance. When we purchased the car, they applied a protectant called Polyseal.

Has anyone had any hazing issues with their gen 2 yet?

Taking the car in tomorrow and getting a loaner while they review it, wanted to be more educated on the subject however before bringing it in.

Car is taken to dealer car wash every month.

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