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Has anyone had the clear coat peel on their front bumper? I just bought this car 3 weeks ago and noticed yesterday when washing the car. I have a 2014 Green LTZ RS with 23k on it. It has a half a dozen spots that are coming off. It looks like peeling skin on a sun burn....

Thoughts on if GM or the dealer may fix something like that?

I have been reading this forum since I got the car. I have really enjoyed getting to know all the information and various opinions on the car. Thanks in advance for your help.


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I'm thinking this bumper cover was refinished at some time prior to your ownership or someone has gotten to close to it with a high pressure washer.
Peeling can be caused by poor preparation of the surfaces prior to painting......but, since all the covers are painted by a outside vendor and shipped to the assembly plant I doubt if the original finish is the problem.....otherwise many owners would be bringing this up.
Since there does not seem to be a 'trend' I'm stuck on the thoughts of a poor refinish job.

I mention pressure washers, because, even those found in the DIY carwashes, have enough pressure to shear just about any paint off if the tip gets too close to it.

Your situation, IMO, is this is either/or but unlikely a manufacturing defect.....unlikely does not mean impossible, but does mean improbable.

If the dealership bodyshop, their own or the one they use for warranty paint work, can point the finger at Chevrolet after inspecting the damage, Chevrolet likely will foot the bill based on the body shop report.

Odds are though, this probably won't be a warranty claim to Chevrolet.

The possibility exists though, that the dealer had the cover refinished by a travelling vendor that does cover refinishing on site during the reconditioning process prior to your purchass.
The used car sales dept. will have record of this and if it was refinished the dealer can get the outfit to try again, or send you to their body shop for a more professional repair.

Note: I despise those travelling refinish outfits.....really poor work, usually done out in the lot.....a band aid repair created by dealers being cheap......for the most part, awful repair.

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