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Clear coat is for the most part the same for all manufacturers.
Bird droppings etch.....but some colors show it more than others.....and I'm sure you agree, one looks much closer at the finish on a new car than a old car.
All that aside, the issue is moisture......say a bird gotcha yseterday afternoon...lateish......the next morning, heavy dew on the car.
Every time bird droppings get wet, they re-energize the acidity and it mars the finish.
So, even if the car is grubby, a gentle wipe off with a wet microfiber at the poo point will keep it from leaving a mark and you can even things out at the next wash.

Troublesome spots will come out with a gentle application of a cleaner wax at that area.

The darker the color, the more often waxing is required....blacks, dark blues...usually about every 4 to 5 weeks.
Lighter colors, like the light can probably stretch out to maybe two/two and a half months.
White....depending on were it lives overnight it could be stretched ot to twice a year, maybe longer.

Although I use a D/A polisher I don't think it is a requirement for simple waxing (wax only, like Meguires Yellow....not a cleaner wax)......claying as determined by the 'Palm Test'

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