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Click from 1.4 Engine

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So I have a 2011 Cruze LTZ, and I know it needs a new PCV, and that whole job done, but idk if this contributes to that or not but while idling beside the bad idel it clicks but when I hit the gas it goes away?
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Thanks for your responses guys. I do the work on my car myself, and I already bought my new PCV cover and gasket etc. it just needs replaced. I noticed a little bit today while driving I hit the gas while in park idling and it goes click click click real fast then stops.I'm not have any driving issues at all, just needs the PCV, I plan on working on it this week im adding a new zzp downpipe, removing res, and adding a straight pipe into a Flow master Super 44, Injen CAI, tuner, and Sprint booster. Will Attempt to get It done but will prolly not
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