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Click from 1.4 Engine

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So I have a 2011 Cruze LTZ, and I know it needs a new PCV, and that whole job done, but idk if this contributes to that or not but while idling beside the bad idel it clicks but when I hit the gas it goes away?
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Using a piece of old fashion heater hose as a stethoscope helps to determine the source of the noise. Wife was complaining about a minor tick in our 1.4, was the front of that coil pack plastic cover tapping on that plastic camshaft cover causing the click like noise, and mostly at idle. Piece of weather strip cured that.

PVC hose returns to the inlet of the turbo along with that large hose from the air cleaner, but the PVC port is a venturi that creates all that vacuum. Never fool with that PVC hose when its ice cold, can crack it, gets very brittle, not a good idea.
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