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Click from 1.4 Engine

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So I have a 2011 Cruze LTZ, and I know it needs a new PCV, and that whole job done, but idk if this contributes to that or not but while idling beside the bad idel it clicks but when I hit the gas it goes away?
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I just replaced a valve cover myself after after the PCV valve failed. When it's stuck open (the PCV valve), the air it's sucking in at idle causes a lean condition with some RPM surging, and rough idle that is bad enough to shake around the cover that goes over the coil pack. That's probably the intermittent, not so great sounding rattling noise you're hearing at idle. Plus, as others have already mentioned, the Bosch fuel injection system on this vehicle is known to produce a loud ticking noise at the lowest idle RPM, but it's of no maintenance concern.

The good news is that the valve cover is very easy to replace yourself with the right tools. I think I spent a whopping $50 for the cover with 2 day shipping from an GM dealer on eBay, and $10 for a set of torx sockets from Harbor Freight. More expensive than a normal PCV valve replacement, but whatever, every vehicle has some service quirks.
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