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Clicking sounds when shifting gears on my Cruze 2016 LT

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Hi, two days ago I ran over a small chair on the road and i had to pull to the side of the road to get it out from underneath the car (Exactly next to the front-left tire). (I attached a picture of the cart in the attachments).
And this morning I noticed that when I change the gear from Parking to R or D it makes this clicking noise that sounds like Air deflating from something and sometimes while I am driving at low speed I hear something from underneath the car goes like phewwwwwwwww (Air deflating noise). It is really hard to explain but I am not sure if this chair messed up the car from underneath or what?

I am so bummed out right now because the car is brand new.

Thanks guys and I appreciate your responses.


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Put the car on a lift and take a look. I suspect you have something out of alignment or a piece of the chair stuck under there.
Have to get under it and see what damage was done, hope it doesn't look as bad as that chair.

Blocking the front wheels off the ground and having a trusted person put your Cruze into gear and so forth, will help you to identify the source of the noise. Or if too much, have it done.
Good news is there wasn't a kid in that chair, bad news, is considered a collision, depends on how high your deductible is.

Then finding an honest place, reminds me of one of my daughter's noises in the front wheels, takes it to a shop, said both of her front wheel bearings were bad, 700 bucks. Let your dad look at it first, problem was stone chips between the rotor shield and the rotor.

Ha, commented, next time you take your boyfriend out, find a gravel free road to park on, she replied, DAD!

Just saying, you don't know until you look.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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