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Climate control problems

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Yesterday my 2011 Chevy Cruze died, took it in to get fixed which they said was the battery. I just got my car back, drives fine but the climate control dash is not lit up. I am unable to adjust the heat or air. Any suggetions? I thought they would check over any electrical problems when they were fixing it.
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Sometimes, for no reason whatsoever, certain module controlled devices will lock up when the battery is reconnected.

I am assuming you did not jump start the car.

With this in mind, disconnect the negative cable at the battery and keep it away from the terminal for a few are performing the automotive equivalent of a 'Reboot'..........after about five minutes, reconnect the cable and try again.

If all functions return....well, you had a module with its electrons scrambled (my term).

If the problem continues its back to the dealer for a look see.

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