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**** that was close. The other night on my way home it was dark and raining and I made a really bone headed mistake. I was stopped at a light and when it turned green I was making a left so as I started to roll forward all of a sudden my front end leap froggs in the air and slammed back down. It sounded like a shotgun blast. I must have rolled up a curb that I couldnt see. There was a homeless guy there walking down the island and he had some blankets and such on the ground so I think betweeen that and the rain I just missed the island curb divider.

At any rate, I figured I had just broke something or screwed up my alignment at the very least but I drove off slowly listening and feeling for anything different and all was well. The car tracked straight as well so I figured ok I'll take it easy home (few more miles) and check in a parking lot for damage. At that point I was pretty sure things were fine mechanically but I was convinced I had body damage at least. Got out, checked it over, did some jounce tests on the front end and everything was fine.

This Cruze is a beast! Scared the living hell out of me but apparently it can jump curbs lol

So back to the title, anyone else have any close call stories like that?
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